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GrowSmart Maine is preparing to gear up and engage in the 127th legislative session!  As we weigh in on key issues, we will post our progress and views here on our site.  We hope you too will engage in the process, sharing your thoughts with us and with your elected officials.

A few policy areas are key to our mission of promoting sustainable prosperity for all Mainers while promoting Maine’s unique quality of place.  Some issues tie directly back to earlier work of GrowSmart Maine, based on the action plan outlined in Charting Maine's Future.   We will be working to focus on those bills and proposals where we can most effectively make a difference in protecting Maine's unique quality places, while we all focus on growing our economy in a sustainable way, promoting sustainable prosperity for all Mainers.

For the list of bills that we are targeting within these issues, visit our Advocacy page and our blog.  We will post the Public Hearings and Work Sessions for these bills on our calendarAs the bills travel to the House and Senate Chambers, you can check out each day's calendar here:  For more information on the Legislative process in general, go to .